Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tippmann Launches "You Play, We Pay" Promotion

Tippmann Launches "You Play, We Pay" Promotion - New Program offers players free air or field costs with purchase of 98 Custom marker.

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - As costs continue to escalate for most popular pastimes, including paintball, Tippmann Sports is keeping players in the game by offering free air or field play with the purchase of its legendary 98 Custom marker. Tippmann's "You Play, We Pay" promotion will be launched at paintball stores and fields nationwide beginning November 1, 2007 and will run through January 15, 2008. The program will provide a $20 reimbursement to any player who purchases a new 98 Custom and a paintball field pass or CO2/HPA refill and then submits their receipts.

For additional details about Tippmann's soon-to-be launched "You Play, We Pay" promotion, please call 1-800-533-4831. More specific company information can also be obtained online at

Tippmann Sports

Save on select Spyder paintball products!

Spyder is pleased to offer further savings to our customers through our new 2007 Spyder Rebate Program. The savings program is effective from October 1st, 2007 through January 15th, 2008. You are entitled up to $20 cash back on the purchase of select Spyder paintball products.

See your local paintball store, or chain store for rebate coupon at time of purchase. A downloadable coupon is available below if necessary to complete your savings. Complete rebate details are available on the mail-in coupon.

$10 Rebate Products
Spyder VS2 (#6982)
Spyder MR2 (#6972)
Spyder Xtra Super Kit (#6992)
Spyder Tactical Sniper Kit (#6996)
Spyder MR1 Kit (#6974)

$20 Rebate Products
Spyder VS3 (#6983)
Spyder MR3 (#6973)

2007 Spyder Rebate Program

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Choosing a Marker

Alright, the number one debate of all debates anywhere with new players is: What Marker should I get? For many people they are entering a world of hundreds of accronyms, slang phrases, bright colors, and lack of knowledge. So try takeing these steps first before slapping down the cash for that new gat.

Instructions: Find your value and then add all the numbers up, see the bottom to see what type of marker is for you.

Figure out your level of interest: Is paintball something you do only a few times a year? Do you play every month? Is it something you just do to shoot the neighbors cat? Or do you want to play pro some day? Paintball gear is a lot like cars. Do you plan to drive it to work and home? Do you want to race it? ect... Depending how involved you want to be can greatly determine the amount of money to invest. No point spending 4 digits if you're just playing by the creek downtown once a year.

0 — I just shoot the cat
1 — I play 1-2 times a year
2 — I play once a month
3 — Every weekend if I can
4 — Pro's the only way

Figure out your tech level: Many new players want to skip through the lower stage and go straight to the high end guns and while this is perfectly okay I spend a good portion of each weekend with their guns in a pile of pieces in the back of the shop. Technical know how is a must for some markers and it's always a good idea to start on something that most players started with and can help you out when you put the bolt where the hammer and valve goes.

0 — I can't even tie my shoe you want me to do what?
1 — I'm just starting but I think I can catch on
2 — I know my way around markers
3 — On my third gun or so
4 — I'm a tech

What is your skill level? No point in having a expereinced player toting around a lesser gun. Yes it is try that the player makaes the difference, but when you get to a point your equipment can be holding you back. It's a good idea to try and stay a step ahead of yourself equipment wise. In the same light, no point spending too much to get a high end marker when you dont need it.

0 — Never really played before
1 — Just starting
2 — Been playing a few years
3 — Been around a long time
4 — I invented paintball

Know your price range: Like a lot of things in this world if you want quality you have to pay for it. With the increase in speed, accruacy, consistancy, ect... the price goes up, and then the higher you get the more you are going to pay for that extra 1-2 balls per second. Knowing your price range is very important so that you don't over spend and have nothing left for a hopper and tank.

0 — looking for under $100
1 — $200-300 range
2 — $300-500 range
3 — $500-800 range
4 — Price? What is that? I'm loaded

What position do you play?: This does actually effect your gun choice but not a whole lot. Front players are going to want to go with light weight, quiet, and accurate at short distance markers. Back players need high rates of fire. That doesn't mean backs can't have light weight markers, and fronts don't need rate of fire though.

0 — I am the blitz...I need air in my hands.
1 — I play front, I need light weight, but need accuracy
2 — I play mid, I need light but I also need speed
3 — I play back, I need something that can give me high speed
4 — I am a walking turret.....

Score it up:
0 — The Talon is prolly your best bet. Try walmart, isle 12....

1-5 — Your best bet would be to try for a low end spyder like the compact or deluxe. If you want to spurge try the Spyder SE.

5-7 — A Tippmann may be the best bet for you. Rugged, and only slightly higher on the tech tree. It's a good place to start. Or check out the higher end electro spyders. The AMG, The electro Rebels, and other Spyder clones might also be a way to keep price down.

8-10 — Check out the BKO, or the Autococker. You can get a nice mid range Autococker and then have plenty of room to move up from there.

11-14 — You're looking for a higher end autococker at this point. A E-bladed Orracle, or a stock LED matrix. Check out a simply timmy too. If you can find a AKA viking or Excal they are good choices as well as the angel.

15-18 — Top dogs need top gear. A 03 Shocker is for you, or a high end matrix, or timmy. Really your choices are limited to those right there. Also look into a E-bladed Free Flow cocker or other High end Autococker or a High end Angel like a A4 or speed.

19-20 — DM4 or High end Matrix is your only bet here....but you've gotta be sponsored by now, so what in the world are you reading this for?

After you have a place to start it's very easy to pick a marker. Just go to your local field, and ask around about how someone likes their marker. Most people are very proud of their gear and would be more then happy to tell you all the fine points of their gear. Ask to shoot some of your paint through it, or if they are really nice see if they will let you play with it a game. Once you know your level there isn't much difference between markers other then Personal Preference.

So slap your wad of cash down with confidence....